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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Digital Librarian: Stay Healthy with the WPA

You will remember from US History Class that the Works Progress Administration was the largest program of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt "New Deal."  Unlike after September 11 when we were told to go shopping in order to help the country out of a crisis, in the 1930's people were encouraged to take classes, exercise, travel, read, attend a lecture, and go to the park with their families.

And so the government supported these initiatives by building schools, housing, highways, bridges, and parks.  People were hired to write plays, paint murals, dig ditches, record oral histories, design buildings, engineer bridges, and travel by mule to isolated communities with library books.  The WPA aimed to put people to work to end the Depression and provide invaluable services to built strong communities.

In other words, it was the golden age of giving a shit.

Anyway, another thing that was championed at this time was printmaking.  Commercial artists made posters announcing programs, available aid, and information to the citizens.  The Digital Librarian (Oui, c'est moi) presents a few WPA posters about stayin' healthy courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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