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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Monday Muse: Five Inspiring Truths and a Photo

Jennifer Saunders
  1. After high school, Jennifer Saunders failed to get into university so she enrolled in drama college instead. 
  2. More stable than the stereotypical comedian, she’s been collaborating with her comedy partner Dawn French since 1977 and has been married to the same man for 26 years. 
  3. She and her husband – performer Adrian Edmondson – kept their three kids so far from the showbiz limelight that one day, their then nine-year-old daughter asked, “Are you Jennifer Saunders? Because people in my class say you are.” 
  4. Dawn French needed to take time off to adopt her daughter. However, the duo had already booked a studio and crew to shoot a series. Rather than let anyone down, Jennifer developed a show idea from an old French and Saunders sketch. She called it Absolutely Fabulous
  5. She performed in and wrote most of the episodes of Ab Fab when all of her children were under the age of ten.  

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