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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Anyone who has been friends with me for a long time (god bless you), may fondly recall some my more memorable fashion statements such as:
  • Urban Milkmaid
  • Groovy Schoolteacher
  • J Train Cinderella
  • Marseille Housewife Who Has Just Made the Best Bouillabaisse of Her Life so She Sends the Neighbor's Son Out for a Fresh Baguette While She Lights the Candles, Opens the Wine, and Waits for Her Merchant Marine Husband to Return from Sea
I don't (think) I have with multiple personality disorder.  Even so, I take fashion characters very seriously.

One time, a friend called "Sexy Librarian," get this, "Sexy Secretary."  I screamed, "Woman!  You don't know anything!" 

But I take medication now!  And to my fashion characters, I've added math!

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