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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Monday Muse: Five Inspiring Truths with Some Visuals

Sylvia Robinson

Singing with trumpet player Hot Lips Page, high school student 
Sylvia Vanderpool made her recording debut on Columbia Records in 1950 at age 14. 

Along with Mickey Baker, Miss Vanderpool was one half of the duo Mickey and Sylva. 
In 1956, their single Love Is Strange went gold and reached #1 on the R & B chart. 

She married Joe Robinson and in the 1960's they started their company
which housed the labels All Platinum, Stang, and Vibration 
as well as and their recording studio Soul Sound Studios. 
At that time, she was one of the few female record producers in the country.

In the early1970’s, Sylvia Robinson penned a sexy tune dubbed Pillow Talk.  
She offered the composition to Al Green but for religious reasons, Green passed on the song. 
Undeterred, she sang and recorded Pillow Talk herself. It sold 2 million copies. 

In a 2000 interview on NPR, Sylivia’s son Joey recalled his mother’s first experience with hip hop.
"A DJ was talking and the crowd was responding to what he was saying…and she said,
‘Joey, wouldn't it be a great idea to make a rap record?’” Soon after, the Robinsons founded
Suger Hill Records and released the world’s first hip hop single, Rapper’s Delight. 
 Later came Funk You Up by The Sequence featuring a 19-year-old Angie Stone
and The Message by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.

For more Sylvia Robinson, listen to the DJ Monica's amazing tribute on WFMU.

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