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Friday, October 28, 2011


Nothing will get you in the mood for the Halloweenies quite like early Roxy Music. This is a band that probably wore Dracula collars, pink lipstick, and crazy-lady-in-the-neighborhood clothes everyday for all of 1972.

The best was producer/hardcore knob turner Brian Eno.  Homeboy was rapidly loosing his hair and still made a go of it with black fur and shiny pants.  I mean, who else wears gold gloves while manipulating the joystick an analogue synth?  That takes skills, ninja.

Sasha Fere Jones summed up it perfectly when he wrote lead singer Bryan Ferry "refused to accept that he was in a rock band rather than a dinner party." And Mr. Ferry was probably late to that dinner party, too! Rolling in with a pet ferret tucked in his Nazi purse, scowling at the pot roast on the table, and demanding Nutella crepes for his supper.

I have no way of proving this but I bet Bryan Ferry only eats crepes and candied orange peel.

Anyway, enjoy the video and have a glorious weekend!

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