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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Videos

Oh, the joys of Economy Candy on the Lower East Side.  "On" the Lower East Side or "in" the Lower East Side?  I say "in" but right now I'm trying to fake like a real New Yorker so I wrote "on."  Let me have my fantasies!

Anyway, this wrapper packed, super stacked sweets shop is one of the last vestiges of the old neighborhood.  (I "know" the "old neighborhood" because I'm a "New Yorker," remember?)  Go to Economy if you so desire a pound of Mary Janes or mini Chik-O-Sticks.  You need gelt for Chanukah?  They've got your covered.  Want to see The Bower Birds play "Bur Oak" while strolling the aisles?  Sure, why not.  Stranger things have happened on the Lower East Side.  Like that time I saw a 10' kitchen knife glimmering in a muddy puddle.  That was weird.

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