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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Go Underground, Young Man!

Everyone adores the High Line.  This lovingly landscaped promenade sits upon an old elevated train track.  The history of the High Line can be succinctly summed up in four words: functioning, abandoned, re-imagined, revered.  Or, if you prefer, four pictures.

Bolstered by this tale of successful urban renewal, there is now a project a-brewin' that is touting itself as the "Low Line."  The organization is called Delancey Underground and their aim is to build a park under Delancey St.

Yes.  Under Delancey St.  This proposal has me half disgusted and half intrigued.  This is the same exact relationship I have with Lindsay Lohan, rabbit meat, and jeggings.

The old fuddy duddy part of me is like, "Who the hell wants to sit underground with a bunch of dummies from the Lower East Side?"  The optimistic urban planner in me is all, "What?  They're going to use solar light panels and fiber optics to illuminate a public green space for all New Yorkers to enjoy?  Fantastic!"

Like the High Line, the space below Delancey is former rail transit.  To be exact, it's an old trolley terminal where customers could hop a ride over the Williamsburg Bridge.  So the picture story of Delancey Underground would look something like this:

If it happens or if it doesn't, I am thrilled that people are getting involved in forgotten space.  It took ten years for the Friends of the High Line to plan, raise funds, get permits, and build.  But it was worth it and it's inspiring.  I wish the Low Liners all the luck in the world and moving forward, I promise not to be such a fuddy duddy.

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