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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delia Brown Can Do More Than Most

This month, my friend Delia Brown is showing paintings in Los Angeles.

Oh, snap et pardonnez-moi for this writer is gravely mistaken!  Let's try that again.

This month, my friend Delia Brown is having two shows Los Angeles.  My goodness, what a lucky, lucky lady...

But no one should be surprised.  This level of attention is not new for Ms. Brown.  She is one of those visual artists who got snapped up by a gallery about 45 minutes after earning her MFA from UCLA and she's been en fuego ever since.

You need proof?  Ninja, I'll give you proof!

She coined the phrase "Guerilla Lounging," to describe her ongoing project where she borrows a home of the upper class, invites people over, then documents the normal folks playing with the fancy things they find.

She luxuriates in their furs.

Corona and Fur, 2007

She skinny dips in their pools.

What, Are You Jealous?, 2000

She pantomimes raising their children.

The Piano Recital, 2008

In October of 2010, she made a guest appearance on The Young and the Restless.


Oh, and she can rap.

Good lord.  My friend Delia is cool.

Felicity and Caprice, Angles Gallery, February 25 - April 7
Last Exit: Junta Punta, Country Club Projects at Martha Otero Gallery, March 3 - March 31

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