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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Digital Library Says, "Good Morning, Brooklyn!"

Good morning, Brooklyn.  I know it's not your birthday or anything but The Digital Library (me) decided to celebrate you today just the same.  Some moments in your history are warm and special, others are sad or shameful.  But they all belong to you.  So you move on.  You grow.   You try to make tomorrow just a little bit better.  

I'm still taking about Brooklyn, right?

  1. War Bond Drive, 1939-1945
  2. Spokanos Family, Coney Island 1978
  3. Pratt Institute, Pupils at Work 1891
  4. Newspaper Boys Taken under Brooklyn Bridge after Midnight, 1900-37
  5. Brooklyn Friends Seminary, 112 Schermerhorn
  6. High Holidays on Williamsburg Bridge, 1909
  7. East River, 1905
  8. Washington’s Headquarters, 1732-99
  9. Montague Street between Court and Clinton
  10. Officers of the National Negro Business League, 1907
  11. Brooklyn Civil Rights, 1963
  12. Miss Brooklyn, 1939-40
  13. The Willie B, 1904

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