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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ania the Amazing

How many 15 year olds grow their own tomatoes?  And I don't mean for a class project.  I mean for fun.  My friend Ania Lejman did just that.  When we were teenagers in Santa Monica, she cultivated a little plot in her parents' sunny backyard.  The only other gardener I knew was a heavy metal pothead trying to harvest his own smoke behind his mom's rosebush.  It didn't work.  But my dear, sweet Ania's patch worked.  She tended to her flowers and edibles until they burst with color and bloom.  

That's the kind of girl she was and that's the woman she has become for Ania followed her passion for plants and is now a landscape designer.  A very well-respected landscape designer, at that.  Oh-la-la-la-la-la-la!

She does residential. 

And she does commercial.

Muy bonita! 

But these charming respites are not just eye candy.  They're responsible.  Ania's company ALD is committed to sustainable practices and her designs are respectful of Southern California's natural environment.  She incorporates water-wise irrigation and naturally pest free, drought tolerant plant palettes.  My girl planted the seed in high school, watered it with hard work, and made her dreams come true.  

Holy moly - my friend Ania is so cool!

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