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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tiny Pedals

Every now and again, a country takes a look around at the state of the environment, at the state of their citizenry, and makes changes. Good changes. The right changes.

I just wish that country were America.

Germany has nearly half the world's solar generating power! Sweden is on the path to being fossil fuel free by 2020! Eighty percent of Costa Rica is run by hydroelectric power! And now, combatting pollution and childhood obesity in one fell swoop, the Netherlands has come up with a pedal powered school bus. 

photo by Jan Beeldrijk

Holland has more bikes than people and a world-class infrastructure of high quality bike paths, so it seems only natural that the Dutch would be the first to embrace this poly-velocipede. I just made that word up. You like? It was either that or bus-bike. Hmmm, maybe bus-bike is better. Less fussy. But both are so fun to say…


The bus-bike is manufactured by Tolkamp Metaalspecials and distributed through the De Cafe Racer Company. It has holds eleven children and one adult who does the steering. Additionally, there’s an on-board motor for steep hills, a canvas awning for rainy days, and a sound system to keep the whole thing bouncing.

In a lovely interview on, Thomas Tolkamp, the inventor of the bus-bike, says he has received inquiries about his product but no country outside of Europe has bought one. Come on Seattle or Portland or Mountain View. This is right up your alley. Do America proud!

photo by Jan Beeldrijk

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