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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Videos

Senior year in high school, a boy came up to me and said, "Why is ____ trying to dress like you?"  I glanced across the quad and, dude, me and _____ looked like twinsies.  

Gray baggie pants, black patent leather shoes, cropped black jacket, and a black felt hat.  I'd worn this particular get up a few times so the originality of my flair was well documented.  That is to say, everyone was paying attention to my every teenage move and knew it wasn't me that was doing the copying!

As _____ noticed me noticing her, I remember being a little surprised. If I had a big house like the one she lived in, I'd copy someone who could afford better clothes! But I guess you can't put a price making sure your short jacket accentuates your bare middrift.

What?  Did I fail to mention the white, mock turtleneck half-shirt under that bolero jacket?  Oh, yes.  A class act was I.  

Over the next few weeks, _____  managed to photocopy a few more of my outfits then she moved on to her next project: a fake pregnancy followed by a fake miscarriage.  I guess it's safe to say, dressing like me was the least of ______'s problems.


Have a stylish weekend!

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  1. I bet you looked so fly.
    That video/song is AWESOME!