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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lillet Grapefruit Sparkle

I've always found it positively maddening that one's choices for brunch cocktails are so limited.   Champagne and orange juice (yawn) or vodka and hot tomato juice (delicious, but then you have to go back to sleep afterwards).  So to remedy this horrifyingly unjust reality, I've been tinkering with Lillet.  

Yes, Lillet is technically an aperitif which means it's a fortified wine served before dinner.  But that's only because in 1872 the Lillet brothers of Podensac, France thought their elixer stimulated one's appetite.  Since it probably doesn't, I'm pretty sure that means we can sip this crisp liquid whenever we want.  

A blend of Bordeaux grapes Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle, Lillet also contains citrus liqueurs along with liqueurs made from the bark of the cinchona tree.  It's these additions that give Lillet it's tart, minerale notes and it's slightly higher-than-your-average-glass-of-wine alcohol content.  Plus, the bark of the cinchona tree naturally contains quinine which is used to treat malaria.  

So what is she moral of this little entry?   

A. It's okay to drink Lillet in the daytime and 
B. It could save your life!

Lillet Grapefruit Sparkle

Pour the juice from half a grapefruit and 
2 - 3 ounces of Lillet Blanc over ice
Top with sparkling water
Garnish with sliced grapefruit

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  1. I'm making for the Gold Cup this weekend. Looking forward to it!