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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York Retro

For some reason, on Tuesday, Gothamist wondered why there weren’t any bars where on can play shuffleboard in New York City. Then on Wednesday, they reported a shuffleboard club is slated to open in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn in 2013.

Oh, New York. What will you rewind next?

To date: twenty-something are swapping mixed tapes, bars are serving absinthe, bowling alleys abound, and several hundred bands feature analogue synthesizers and/or the ukulele.  Retro anything is both where it was and where it's at.  Go figure.

As I never always have one finger on the pulse of this city, I hereby predict the next wave of retro chic to hit these five boroughs.

Victorian Woman Inhaling Snuff
A bow and an arrow: simple, direct. I can’t think of anything more 
appropriate for modern city living since Free Bat Day at Yankee Stadium.

Piña Colada
The Piña Colada 
Ask anyone who worked as a secretary in the 1970’s, Piña Coladas 
are smooth going down and only slightly frothier coming back up.

A pulverized tobacco popular in Europe in the 1700’s, snuff is pinched between 
the fingers and inhaled through the nostrils in a reverse booger-picking manner. 
I can really see this taking off with the same people who clip their fingernails on the 
train or leave their garbage on the seat. It would be all: stick your fingers up 
your nose, then touch the pole.

VHS Tapes
So bulky! So ironic! They distort and get dusty…cool! 

Leonardo Da Vinci Lady with an Ermine
Freaky Pets
You know, to eat your lice. 

 Power Ballads
Yes, tight pants are back.  But pants so tight that you can hit those high notes?
Absolutely due for a return.

Arsenio Hall
He's not exactly busy and he's waiting for your call.

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