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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Night Videos

You've wanted fame. Please, don't deny it. Perhaps, like me, you still want it now. A 250 pound woman with pitted skin and a parsnip for a nose once told me that when she was a little girl, she'd sing in the shower with the window wide open just in case a producer happened to be walking by. Pretty or not, here we come. We are modern America and we demand fame.

So, now that you and I have laid our desires out on the table, are you ready to take that first step towards your bedazzled future? Good. Now elegantly place one hand on the solid gold banister for we are about to ascend the Stairway to Stardom with Frank Masi. 

Our next guest is Precious but once you see her performance, you'll wonder why her parents didn't name her Ferocious! This poetess knows that emotions, like carrots, are best sold as a bunch. Even her dress has a just-slashed intensity about it. I have no idea what the Emmy Awards of poetry are, but Precious deserves like ten.

The thing about Alison Chaplin is this: she knows how to make a song her song. She gestures to the heavens. She emphasizes all the poignant words like "sleigh bells." She talks to the West Coast. She's like a little Liza of Lefferts Park and I love her.

I like this but I wonder why this dancer chose to choreograph his moves to Flashdance? How could he identify with a girl using her talents to escape the neighborhood, the expectations, the hand she was dealt? How could Anthony Ciulla identify with any of that? He's a guy.

Frank Masi along with his wife and co-host Tillie, produced Stairway to Stardom for cable access from 1979 to the early '90's. So if you adore these videos as much as I do, save your weed money and watch them all on YouTube. You will be glad to have this brush with the stars of tomorrow.

Have a famous weekend and thanks to Ms. Teasy Roosevelt bringing of this modern American masterpiece to my attention.

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