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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday

I know a lot of people are kind of into the whole, "Why are we here?" thing but I'm not. My line of communication with the universe is more immediate, micro, self-centered, bargaining, and pleading.

"What should I do with my life, God? Just give me a sign. Okay, a just hint. One hint! Would it kill you? No, it wouldn't. Because you're God and God can't die. Come on!"

Luckily, there are people on this planet who a think beyond themselves. That's really nice of them. Personally, I can't handle the anxiety that comes with larger than life thinking. If I start taking on the really big questions, my brain my burst or my heart heart might stop or my vagina might fall off.

Wait, would a vagina fall off or out?

Probably out. Yeah, it would sort of eject itself from your pelvis like a fighter pilot ejects from an airplane that's going down with the whole uterus connected like a pork colored parachute.

As you just witnessed, A. my plate is rather full with everyday life queries and B. I'm gross.

Have a great Sunday!

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