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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Night Videos

It's rare when art reaches perfection. That's why it's so incredible that the video for Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight by Montréal band Lime achieves flawlessness in so many different ways.
  1. They have amazing names: Denis and Denyse LePage.
  2. Their video uses groundbreaking special effects like when things turn green or when there are faces are in triangles. 
  3. They are fashion forward. Just look at his li'l ponytail!
  4. They have inspired vocal stylings. She might be an angel. He might be a French Canadian Bruce Springsteen.
  5. The lyrics are meaningful. And by that I mean the word "babe" is sung 23 times.
Truncated Backstory (according to Wikipedia)
These two were married. Later they divorced. Now he's a she.

Babe, you're gonna love this video. Have a perfect weekend!

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