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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Sunday and Happy Pride!

My father-in-law Don was on a committee at his church. The question at hand: whether or not to perform same-sex marriages. The United Church of Canada supports marriage equality but leaves it up to the individual parishes to decide if they want to perform the ceremonies or not. 

Don spoke in favor of performing the ceremonies while others on the committee were less receptive to the idea. As a man who was married for 40 years and raised two great children, he lives and respects what some would term "family values" for all, not some.

Meeting after meeting, month after month, the members hashed it out until it was agreed that the church would indeed perform the ceremonies.  

It's Gay Pride Day and I'm gay proud of my father-in-law! 

billboard, God, gay
This sign is clever and all but if God really wrote it,
there would be a comma after the word "belief" and a period after the word "gay." 

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