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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night Videos

Unlike economics, pop culture trends actually do trickle down. Gucci, Bally, Izod, Burberry - all started out as brands for gin sipping, golf ball swatting, mansion living members of the upper echelons. Eventually, those luxury brands they made their way to the rest of us via Canal Street, flea markets, and outlet shopping malls. Naturally, us 99 percent-ers did it better.

knock off sneakers
Canal Street Air Force One by Sole Food via The World's Best Ever

Of course, things move in the other direction, too. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the terms like dis, shout out, 24/7, and ho go from something you'd only hear in the 'hood to something you bantered about a corporate conference rooms. Okay, well, maybe not ho. But that said, this season, milquetoast cable channel ABC Family has a show called Baby Daddy so the sitcom Ho in the Boardroom it's probably not that far off.

Voguing is one of those things that has moved from fringe to mainstream. It started out as fierce competitive dance, a hot glam warfare for wayward gay youth. Where others had street fights, these boys had dance offs at drag balls. At the balls, you and your house did battle against other houses, similar to the breakdancer and his crew. Sadly, since many of the '80's kids from House of LaBeija, House of Xtravaganza, and House of Ninja, to name a few, were homeless, not many lived to see Voguing move from Harlem to a Madonna song to a gay anthem to a parody on Glee to entertaining the nation via the Super Bowl halftime show. 

Like my grandma said when she saw junior high me rocking pedal pushers, ballet flats, and black, liquid eyeliner, "There's nothing new under the sun."

New Jersey Ball, Chantal Regnault, 1989

In their time, these boys probably didn't enjoy the Super Bowl or school. Maybe they would now.

Have a a hot glam weekend.


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