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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Casual Dining

Jean-François Mallet


We would pull into the drive through at Jack in the Box on Lincoln Blvd. The daily order was the same: a Breakfast Jack and a container of orange juice. My mom would hand me the breakfast sandwich, telling me to take off the ham and throw it out the window. 

“A dog is going to eat it?”

“Yes, a dog is going to eat it.” 

She was a vegetarian and personally repulsed by pork but apparently not by littering. It was a fun game, flinging meat. We were both quite young. 

Jean-François Mallet

Barely a Teen 

Four inches long, two inches wide, deep-fried a bubbling, golden brown. Ah, the egg roll. Purchased from the Chinese place in the food court and sleeping under it’s own blanket of fluorescent pink sweet and sour sauce, I ate them while walking in circles around the mall. I ate them every weekend with my best friend for an entire school year. I ate them while talking about parties and boys and boys.

Jean-François Mallet

 San Francisco 

College, weed, boyfriend, burritos. Eventually, we started calling them "logs" like so:

Q: What do you want for dinner?

A: Log.

Burrito has a lot syllables and smoking marijuana makes a person just that lazy.

Jean-François Mallet

Around the World

Lunch truck. Fish shack. Fruit cart. Vending machine. Photographer Jean-François Mallet captures the most informal of informal dining from around the globe.

Jean-François Mallet

We Eat, We Go

I look at these pictures and think, “It’s nice to have something in common with so many people in this world.”

Jean-François Mallet

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