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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dream On

The quote above comes from John Barrymore and from what this humble observer can tell, it's ever so true.  Giving up on a dream is rough business because if you wanted to be _______ (go ahead, fill in the blank), you'll never not want to be _________.

You've heard the stories. The grandpa who returns to the college to get his degree. The mom who starts going on auditions now that the kids have moved out. The painter who starts painting at age 70. 

Like the truth, dreams don't go away. They are there whether you like it or not. Wait, maybe dreams are the truth and our job on this earth is to simply live by the truth. Wait a minute, am I going batshit crazy or have I just stumbled upon the first few ingredients to start my own new age religion? 

Whatever, this much I know is true: follow your dream or marry your regrets. This is the choice John Barrymore is presenting to us. Seems pretty straightforward to me. So why haven't I done it?

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