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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dream Supreme

I love it when little boys are about four and they dress as superheroes. It's so primal. They have never heard of this guy or his special powers. It doesn't matter if the kid's family is stable, warm, icy, sad, or a danger to everyone in it - as soon as they know who the hero is, that's the guy they want to be.

Is it such a crazy thing for a boy to desire? To be super? To be a man?

What we wanted to be as kids, we probably still want to be now. That is, unless we did as Mr. von Schiller says in the quote above, and kept to to our childhood dreams. They doomsday prophets among us will say "Superhero isn't a job!" But it looks like Nico and Andy Warhol made a job of it. It's possible. It's all possible. So dream super. Dream supreme.

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