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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Night Videos: The Dream Sequence

In junior high, I had a terrible crush on an older, lanky boy. I was in awe of him and whenever I was blessed enough to be in his vincinity, I just sort of hid behind other people and stared at him a lot. It was as if I thought someone, somewhere might give me a pop quiz about the type of cigarettes he smoked (Marlboro Reds in a box) or what brand of grease he used in his hair (Tres Flores).

I was so cracked out on this kid that I spray painted "I ♥ ________" in black Cholo letters on the Dumpster in the alley behind his family's apartment. In the ghettois, spray paint is how one shows all emotions, even love.

One day, the boy moved away to seek his fortune. A few years later, he came back broke to live with his parents. At this point, I was 17 and had a fake ID to get me into night clubs. This, combined with a brief trip to Europe, made me, I believed, terribly interesting. So when we ran into each other and he asked me out, I felt sophisticated enough to say yes.

By ask me out, he meant sit on his parents couch and watch TV. It didn't matter. I was overjoyed. But it turned out, the kid wasn't so bright. Or funny. Or charming. Eventually, I didn't even find him all that pretty. But, oh, how I tried! I just couldn't let go of the dream sequence I'd been scribbling onto my heart. Didn't he know we were supposed to turn into an artsy Echo Park it-couple who shared a passion for vintage hats and plates? 

But sometimes we have walk away from a dream because God's plan for us is bigger and better than a boring boy who smokes.

Have a ghettois weekend!

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