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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Night Videos

In March, the New York Times reported an increase in American preschoolers with tooth decay. Parents are not brushing their kids' teeth and then they're surprised that the kids are getting cavities. And not just one or two cavities in their baby teeth. It's more like eight or nine cavities requiring a general anesthetic.

As someone who has never been a parent but has had both a brain and teeth for quite some time now, I find this startling. Dental hygiene isn't what I'd call a choice. In all honesty, I'd be rather happy to skip the whole inconvenience of pooping, but as a human, I've had to accept that this is not really an option.

Luckily, the Oregon Dental Association has put together this catchy little public service announcement called Teach Me How to Brushy. The kids will love it. I hope the parents do, too.

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