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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Digital Librarian Goes to London

The Digital Librarian (oui, c'est moi) has been to London on several occasions. The last time I went, I stayed on Old Portland Street, met with a publisher, and got tinctures from the homeopathist. It was all very civilized compared to the first time I went when I puked cider out of a moving car and one could still smoke on the top half of a double decker bus.

To quote Tina Fey, "I might not be young."

Since London has been basking in the spotlight with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, it seems only right to troll the internet for some choice pix from across the pond.

Let's start with kitschy retailer Maiden. They're selling these sweet, sentimental tote bags, perfect for every Londoner who is warmly welcoming the throngs of international tourists with open arms and a full heart.

These bags are charming, sure. But what about a present for the monarchist graphic designer in the family? Look no further for there is no better way to commemorate the queen than with this die cut Pantone swatch book.

I love the way her dress and hatband morph into all those respectable, official hues. A class act, indeed! Speaking of classy officialness, here's the official Olympic logo.

I like how it could be a logo for anything like sunblock in the '80's or popcorn in the '80's or a brand of jeans in the '80's. So versatile!

In February, Iran made a formal complaint to the International Olympic Committee stating the logo spells "Zion" instead of the intended "2012." 

Similarly, graphic designer Stewart Watson also made a formal complaint when he wrote, "I know I'm too late but I've designed a logo for London 2012 because the other one is shit."

Here's Stewart's design:

Nice job, Stew, but I, the Digital Librarian, prefer this one sent to the BBC by a genius named Graham Coe:

When you see this you think, "sportsmanship" and "national pride." Nice job, Graham! Nice job, indeed.

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