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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do as the Roman

Roman Weingartner, better known as Romanowski, is a multi-disciplined, multi-talented, multi-man. 
Think I'm kidding? Check this out. He paints murals.

 He makes living sculptures.

He's a producer and DJ.

The man is unstoppable. At this point, I believe he is considered the Crown Prince of San Francisco. Well, that's what I consider him. A native of Zurich, he began rocking the wheels of steel at the uncomfortable age 14. Lucky for us, his obsession with music outlasted the awkward years and he is now the proud owner of 15,000 pretty black slices of rare vinyl, the music from which he shares with his fans. Known to show in galleries and play gigs from Seattle to New York to Tokyo, catch him if you can. And yeah, it probably goes without saying but, dayum, my friend Roman is so cool!

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