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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Get Your Peach On

Generally speaking, I'm not one for frozen margaritas. It's so 1970's, like you're in an episode of Three's Company and Mr. Roper thinks you and Jack are getting it on but that's impossible because Jack is gay....isn't he?

But add mangoes and peaches into the mix and a frozen margarita is positively acceptable. Fresh fruit definitely ages up your drink, but, sadly, only about 10 years. So now it's the 1980's, your husband is missing, and you contact Magnum PI, TC, and the uptight one in a suit because and you no idea where your husband is...or do you?

Basically what I'm saying is this, make Mango Peach Margaritas today and you'll find out what your mom was raving about.

Mango Peach Margarita
2 medium ripe peaches
1 ripe mango
4 ounces silver tequila
3 ounces Cointreau
½ cup lime juice
¼ cup agave nectar
About 4 trays ice cubes

Pit, peel, and dice the mango and peaches.
In a blender, puree. You will have about a should have about 1 ½ cups of puree.
Transfer to a container, cover, and for one hour.
In a blender, combine the puree, tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and agave.
Add ice, cover, and blend on high until thick and slushy.
Divide into glasses, and serve immediately. 

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