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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Endless Summer

There are those people who like fall. They get excited for "crisp air" and "sweater weather." Ninja, please. Neither a crunchy adjective nor a soft rhyme makes up for the fact autumn means it's getting colder and darker while all the leaves are beautifully dying. 

Me? I never want summer to end. I like walking around barefoot and sleeping on top of the blankets. I like cold drinks, tan skin, and fresh fruit. I even like the sterile smell of the air conditioner! Autumn is just like the Sunday night blues only it lasts for three months. And it includes my birthday so it means I get older. Thanks for nothing, October!

Ralph Crane, Santa Monica, 1950
Okay, so perhaps I'm being a touch dramatic. And maybe once it gets here, it won't be so bad. Hot tea is nice. Gingerbread, too.  But until the wind whips the sand out of my hands, I will be in a bikini!

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