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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night Videos

I am not one for writing reviews online, positive or negative. I've never uttered a world on Yelp. I don't describe my feelings purchases on Amazon. But I do read them. So you'd think I'd write them. But I don't. Well, I don't usually. Fine, I did. But only once. And that restaurant should be shut down due to the fact that the entire staff has no taste buds and only has half a brain between them! But the place hasn't been shut down. Actually, it's still pretty popular. Here's my rant:

because it's so close to my house, i gave this place a lot of chances and this is what i received in return:

1. my name inexplicably disappearing off of the "to be seated" list
2. salad so overdressed it was inedible
3. cold steak
4. raw soup. yes, there were crunchy lentils and uncooked vegetables in the soup.
5. a cup of tea that employed water so tepid it couldn't get enough energy together to steep a damn teabag.
6. a bartender who sighed heavily and rolled his eyes when i ordered a bloody mary while waiting for a table for brunch.

to be fair, every time i pointed out these shortcomings the staff was apologetic and very, very accommodating. still, quality control is their job, not mine.

Even though I was right, I honestly feel being right is often overrated. Especially if being right also makes you I felt like a Negative Nelly. So the next time I liked a restaurant in the neighborhood, I wrote this glowing review to set everything right in the universe.

Yes, that means technically I've written TWO online reviews but they were part of the same karmic order so I count it only as one.

I am so excited to have this gem in our neighborhood! It's charming, delicious, and affordable. So far, I've tried the lobster (awesome), a sort thai stew type dish (amazing), the scallops (very tasty but you only get four scallops so i probably wouldn't order that one again), the clam chowder (perfect), and the crab cake sliders (oh! my! god!). We've been three times and have been happy each time. Hmmm, maybe we should eat there tonight...

Nice, right? I mean, except for that nasty little dig about the scallops but overall it's downright gushing, right? Oh, for Christ's sake I TRIED!

Have a critical weekend!

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