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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Night Videos

If anyone has blown up in the last 12 months or so, I'd have to say it's tne percent sign. Formerly one of the least used keys on your computer, the % has seen his popularity surge in recent months. It's similar to the '90's elevation of the now ubiquitous @. Before the internet, only retired secretaries knew what @ was for.

Last fall, we got an earful about the super wealthy. The issue? They only make up 1% of the population yet procure 1/4 of the nation's wealth. This is in comparison to the 99% aka "the rest of us." People are upset with this disparity and rightfully so. I'm upset with this but as I'm not the shit outside type of activist, I never rolled out a sleeping bag in Zuccotti Park.

You know it's not really park, right? It's more like a bricked over square with benches. But never mind the semantics. There are percentages to discuss!

As the year progressed and the election began to blossom, we heard about, or rather, didn't hear about, Mitt Romney's income tax. It's a figure that hoovers below the 15%. Basically, 50% less than what us school teaching, retail working, pancake flipping, office typing, ditch digging, cab driving 99% pays. It goes without saying that Mitt Romney is part of the 1%.

But I said it anyways.

This week in percentage news brings us more Romney. This time, he says 47% of us will never vote for him (me!) because we're so busy not paying taxes (not me) and being a victim (fuck you).  All of this was uttered in a room full of fat cats where he didn't know he was being taped. You do know why they call them "fat cats," don't you?

Because cats are part of the 1%!

Don't believe me? Here's the prrrrroof:

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