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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Money

I thought it was a bit strange when the Euro came on the scene in 1995. We just don't do that in the US. Change our ways, that is. In my short life, this country has tried to introduce $1 coins, $2 bills, and 50¢ pieces. Each time one of these new denominations is trotted out the public suddenly recalls having to read Bartleby in high school and collectively grumbles, "I would prefer not to."

A friend of mine told me that when he was a kid, the state government of Indiana added kilometers on the highway signs and people shot at them with guns. So there's that.

But even if you are what I will kindly call a traditionalist, you have to admit that other currencies on this planet are prettier than our drab olive dollars. So if the design studio of Dowling Duncan gets its way and gives our money a makeover, it could be nice thing, don't you think? Oh, come on. Keep an open mind. And put that shotgun away!

Dowling Duncan US Bank Notes $1 Bill - Barack ObamaOne
for the first African-American President.

Dowling Duncan US Bank Notes $5 Dollar Bill - 5 Native American Tribes

for the five largest Native American tribes.
Dowling Duncan US Bank Notes $10 Bill - The Bill of Rights
for the first ten amendments
aka The Bill of Rights.
Dowling Duncan US Bank Notes $20 -  20th Century America

for the accomplishments
of the US in the 20th Century.
Dowling Duncan US Bank Notes $50 Bill - 50 States

for 50 states.

One Hundred
commemorating the first 
100 days of FDR's presidency

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