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Monday, September 3, 2012

Nice Things

I get such a thrill when I walk on the platform and the train rolls in like an super stretch limo with my name on it. Or when you're looking for a space to park and someone vacates a spot exactly where you need to be. It's that magic moment when what was about to be a mundane, frustrating, or forgettable experience has just been elevated to Li'l Miracle. Inside, you feel like this:

So, in the spirit of talking about our joys over problems, here are Five Nice Things that I've experienced lately. 
  1. I went to the sporting goods store to buy KT Tape and all merchandise was 20% off.
  2. I made a frittata of odds and ends in the refrigerator and it turned out tasty.
  3. I lost 2 pounds.
  4. I got super blissed out as I hula hooped for an hour while watching the documentary 28 Up
  5. I repotted a few plants and they look very happy.
Have a nice thing to share? Leave a comment below!

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