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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Night Videos

Once I saw Chris Parnell on the M train. He rode for a few stops in the midst of the morning rush hour before getting a seat. I wasn't even sure it was him but then he pulled out a script so that settled that. As I was getting off the train, it suddenly hit me that I should drop a note on his script that simply read "I love your work." That way, I could (a) give a compliment while (b) remaining anonymous and (c) neither bug him nor out him. You see, I'm cool like dat.

Of course, by the time I thought of this little warm fuzzy, the train was pulling into my station and alas, the timing just wasn't there. So this morning I saw Seth Meyers on the M train, I was all, "I got this."

I pulled out my trusty notebook that got doused in tea a few weeks ago and searched for a page that was neither brown nor bubbly. No such luck. Mr. Meyers would have to receive his "I love your work" on paper that was slightly beige and sort of warped. I tore the sheet in half, scribbled the accolade, stood up, and handed it to him. So let's a, b, c it again to understand why this sucked.

(a) The train wasn't that crowded and I made him reach for it so the whole anonymous/not outing him thing n'existe pas.
(b) It didn't occur to me how "You're famous, here's my number for sex" it must have looked to other passengers until AFTER I handed it to him.
(c) Before Meyers got on the train, I'd been talking to a guy who lives in my building who just got married about the joys of being hitched. So not only did I come across to my fellow straphangers as the type who drops her panties for the well-known, I looked like the type who drops her marriage for the well-known.
(d) The timing, apparently not my forte, was off once again. That is, I handed him the paper then had to wait a few too many seconds for the train to pull into the station while everything mentioned above dawned on me.

And why was this necessary? Why do I think the man is so funny? Years ago, I saw Seth Meyers do improv and, while playing a young, industrious Henry Ford, he uttered the line, "I'll suck your dick for a nickel." Anyone who says this on the fly is a comedic genius and therefore deserving of handwritten message, goddamn it!

Which leads me to the only positive thing of this whole situation - at least I didn't try to retell that story in my note.

Have a well-timed weekend.

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