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Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm so confused.

Maybe this sounds naive but why are we still so reliant on oil? In my first grade class, we were taught about the brave new future of electric cars. Now here we are, decades later (how many decades? None of your business!), and only slightly closer to that reality. Why?

In Holland they ride bikes. In Vietnam, they rock scooters. In America, it's all about the car. Which, let's face it, isn't the most socially responsible option but it doesn't have to be so horrible.

We seemed to be going in the right direction starting in the late '70's with the first wave of Japanese and West German imports. People were passing over giant Impalas and Novas for more sensible Beetles and Coronas. But then there was some mental blocking of common sense that gave way to the SUV and, even worse, the Humvee of the late '90's early 2000's. Did people forget the whole gas-as-energy thing is unsustainable? Or did they decide it didn't matter?

Also, one can't help but notice that the two countries that weren't allowed to have a large military post-WWII were the same countries who put their scientists and resources into building a better product rather than manufacturing million dollar missiles for that non-starter called the Cold War. Well, one can choose not to notice but then we're back to the whole mental blocking of common sense thing that I mentioned in the last paragraph.

Of course, many people are doing their part - walking to work, driving a Prius, passing legislation, etc. All of which is very cool. I guess I just wish it would come faster and more far reaching. When I leave my city of subways and taxis and see how much people drive and what they drive, it's a little unsettling. 

So, to recap, we know that moving away from oil is better, we've known it for quite some time, but we're not doing it. We're living in a bubble and I'm so confused.

All images: Melvin Sokolsky

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