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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magic Hands!

You know that conversation you have where everyone at the table says what their superhero power would be? I found myself in one of those recently (first time since college!) and said I'd want to be able to conjure things like the bottled genie on I Dream of Jeannie or the unsuspecting housewife on Bewitched. For this desire, my friends Christened me Magic Hands but then I changed it to Magic Hands! 

We all had awesome powers yet goofy names: Language Boy (can speak all languages in the world) and The Zookeeper (can turn herself into and communicate with any animal) but mine was the only one with punctuation. I felt Magic Hands! was really begging for the exclamation point. Most moments in life are.

And though this hurricane was one exclamation point I could have done without, it's part of the plot now. If you were in it, you'll never be able to think of your life right now without it. Just like you couldn't possible think of the Addams Family theme song without doing two snaps.

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