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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Other People's Parties

According to Martha Stewart, Anthroplogie, Pinterest, and hundreds of blogs, people have parties like this all the time.

Who are these people and why don't I know them? Parties I go to usually take place in bars because no one I know rents more than 600 square feet at a time. Then there are the soirées that I somehow get invited to that take place in some super duper ritzy ballroom of a hotel I've only ever seen from the outside. I'm afraid to talk to anyone until I'm sufficiently liquored up by which point all I want to do is tear it up on the dance floor as if I'm at home alone. Surprisingly, insecurity can be an amazing dance partner.

I often call blogs "my pornography" because of the way I get all caught up in the fantasy of pretty pictures. But unlike the imaginary sex people have with porn sites, I really want these things. Is that bad? Is like saying I'm not thankful for what I have? Or is it a healthy "eye on the prize" attitude of knowing there's more?

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