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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Heart Shaped Island

Check it out, this island is shaped like a heart.

If you leave New York City, drive northwest to the hamlet of Mohopac in Putnam County, then take your boat out on Lake Mahopac, you can go to this island. It's called Petre Island and it's private. So if you plan on sailing there, you have to buy it first. Luckily, it's on the market. Oh, and as a bonus, it comes with a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.

Well, if you're a purist, you say "inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright." You see, in 1949 the then owner of the island commissioned Wright to design a house but in the end, couldn't afford to have it built. Many years later, in 2003, to be exact, the island's current owner, Joseph Massaro, began constructing what is now known as the Massaro House from Wright's original drawings. However, the Wright Foundation has some issue with officially calling it a Wright house.

"[Massaro] says his construction is within two inches of Wright's design," expert William Allin Storrer told Bloomberg. "Nuts to that! You design it exactly according to plan or you don't call it a Frank Lloyd Wright house."

Fans point to the domed skylights (Lloyd preferred flat), the chimney caps (Lloyd hated them), and the protruding rather than flush decorative wall stones (Massaro says there needed to be room for insulation). For the record, Mr. Massaro, a retired sheet metal contractor, also updated heating and cooling systems in the home.

Officially Wright or not, the place is pretty impressive and for an easy $20 million, the home and the island can be yours.

Lastly, in my eternal attempt to be with it as well as mad bougie, learning about Petre Island has left me rather curious about the following:

  • Since when are sheet metal contractors secret millionaires?
  • Is "nuts to that" the new, hip thing all the kids are saying?
  • A "hamlet?" Seriously?
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