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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Follow the Fear

Backstage at the old PIT theater, there was a big sign on the wall. FOLLOW THE FEAR it read.

Okay, now don't be a smart ass. That sign was not advising you, me, or anybody else to invent something called the bare bottom offramp dance.

All the saying is saying is that sometimes the fear inside of you is sneaky and creative. It can talk you out of trying to learn a new skill ("I'm too old. Why bother?") and, irritatingly, it talk you into things, too, like staying in a job or relationship that's going nowhere.

So use that fear, that creativity, to help you instead of hurt you. Follow the fear.

We fear looking bad, getting hurt, failing. I have seen people who have never tried and the misery eats them alive. Actually, I was that person for years and years and am happy to say that I've done everything in my power to rid myself of that tendency. It's something I work on everyday because along with being sneaky and creative, fear is quite stubborn, too.

So, goals for 2013? Keep following that fear, baby!

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