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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pantone Color Tarts

Oh, my. Ms. Emilie Guelpa makes such pretty things to eat. And they're color corrected, too. That's just downright thoughtful.

Emilie Guelpa  Pantone Food Swatches

Because what if your food and your outfit clashed? What then? Why, you would starve! Oh, but if all the food is perfectly coordinated, then you might eat everything and be a glutton. 

Emilie Guelpa  Pantone Food Swatches

Wait, what am I thinking? This is about style and there's no such thing as too much style! Whoever heard of a style glutton? And anyways, food is life. Eat it all, I say! 

Eat. It. All.

Emilie Guelpa  Pantone Food Swatches

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