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Monday, January 14, 2013

Places I Have Lived

I was born, went to school, and the beach. I roller skated quite a bit and took the bus up Pico Boulevard. I lost friends to gun shot wounds and surfing accidents. Math, a problem. There were always piñatas at birthday parties until there were always kegs. 

I smoked weed, ate burritos, and somehow managed to finish college with a nice little GPA. I had a series of unfulfilling relationships and a cat named Mars. I worked as a waitress in a couple of restaurants owned by neurotic, bratty, talented people. My favorite band was Bongwater.

I learned to live in snow and small apartments. I went to graduate school and published a book. At night, I walked in the middle of Brooklyn streets to make a buffer between me and the dark doorways. The neighborhood mellowed and I followed suit. Then I learned Prince Charming is real and Canadian, so I married him.


  1. Really nice, Raina. I was trying to remember Kevin's name until it just came. I'm so glad Prince Charming is real, and extra glad that you snagged him. I love you. Lara