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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Actress Colleen Townsend, 1948

Stay back. Nothing will touch me. I am impenetrable. Go away.

You may stand over there but I warn you, I have built a cage around my heart. It's made of iron and anyway, I forgot where I put the key.

How did you...? You built a fire?

Now there is a flame in the cage. 
Now I have find the key and open the cage.
Now more air has gotten in and the flames are higher. 


Fine, you may stay here but not for long. I have plans. Soonish. The flames feel nice. 

Sure, take off your shoes. I'll bring you some coffee. You have flames in your cage, too? I built that fire? I hadn't realized... 

Yeah, let's curl up in front of it, let the flame warm our hands and cheeks. Look, you can cook on the fire, too. It feeds you. It gives you energy. And you can stare at the fire for hours and hours. Watch it dance. Watch the shapes it makes on the walls. It's your protector and the more air you let in, the more the big flames dance, making scary shapes on the walls.  

Now the cage is iron hot. I can't close it and anyway, I forgot where I put the key.

I'm not sure I like this.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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