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Monday, February 4, 2013

What a bundle of joy!

The baby is cute, nine months old. It's wrapped like a little dumpling, like a wonton, in a knit cap, a sweater, a jacket, and momma's sturdy sling. What a bundle of joy! This is her first winter and her new skin is getting a harsh lesson in February's frost and chill.

In the pictures, the child, Millicent is her name, is gazing over her own tiny shoulder. She's turned three quarters away from her mom, a confident looking woman, scanning the horizon for information about this world. So I decide to give her some.

Little Millicent - You are such a cutiepie! This is Amanda in Astoria, Queens! FYI, in the summer of 2005 your daddy fucked me three times in a weekend then never called me again. I did, eventually, get a text message from him. It was New Year's Eve. He wished me well. I guess he thought that text would make 2006 a little less shitty. For him, not for me. Believe me when I say, 2006 was REALLY shitty for me! Lost my job and cat, dropped my computer. The list goes on. I don't know what made me think me and your dad had a future. I liked the story of how we first saw each other (shared glances on a train) and how we eventually met (lobby of a building! we were going to the same party!) I'm a sucker for a romance, good story, and coincidence. I wouldn't recommend it! But, now we're "friends." I'm going to guess that was probably just his email address book knitting us back together. Anyway, you're a good looking kid. I hope no one ever treats you the way your papasan treated me.  Amanda

I click return and watch my words blossom on the screen. I make myself a cup of tea. Facebook is fun.

By Villemot (1911–1989), Woman study.
By Villemot (1911–1989), Woman study.

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