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Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Emotions

I haven't posted in awhile. Truth is, I've been rather depressed.

First, we didn't get the apartment. As it's some medium income jibber jabber through the city, we were told that we make too much money. There is no such thing as making too much money! And even if there was, we don't. 

I still think there was some sort of reporting error on our part...

Anyway, I was destroyed. I just wanted a little bit of beauty. Some light. Some air. A view. To get out of a neighborhood where people throw garbage out of their cars. I wanted some good news. Some good luck. A good story to share with friends while hosting many, many dinner parties. It didn't happen and since then, I haven't wanted to write anything. 

Well, anything nice. I had lots of creative writing devices for delivering heaps of cynicism, anger, and snark. But as I've always tried to keep this blog pretty and positive, I didn't want to post those. So I've laid low and watched as more bad news rolled in. My book is going out of print. My friends and colleagues are moving up in the world. My lower back has been stiff as a board. I don't fit into clothes from last summer. I saw a whole rat family in the subway. I'm feeling the steady passage of wasted, worthless time. 

Wasted! Worthless! See, this is why I haven't posted anything!

To pull me out of the festering funk, I started yoga and therapy. I had forgotten that these modalities don't make your feel better as much as they make you feel more. Oh joy, just what I needed. More emotions. 

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