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Saturday, July 27, 2013


British people are funny. I don't know why. They just are. And don't you dare call me xenophobic because I'm not laughing at them. I'm totally laughing with them!

I'm laughing with their freaky teeth. I'm laughing with those big ass hats they wear to weddings. I'm laughing with food called butties, bikkies, and piccalilli. I'm laughing with anyone named Rupert and I'm laughing even harder if his friends call him Roo.

Speaking of dudes named Rupert, author Mikki Halpen put together the list 68 Fantastic British Names Gathered While Watching the BBC Over the Years. These ones are my favorites, but if you want more - and I think you probably do - you can read the whole list here.

Nigel Humphreys
Cyril Swern
Cordelia Ditton
Jemima Rooper
Prunella Scales
Lulu Popplewell
Nimmy March (Lady Naomi Burke, née Gordon-Lennox)

What. The. Hell. Can you imagine making flirty eyes at a certain someone in a pub only to find out s/he is named Cryil Swern or Jemima Rooper? That new little prince is lucky he got away with George. 

Speaking of dudes named George, here's the childhood homes of the Beatles. 

The Beatles childhood homes

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