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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Night Videos

Except for The Depression, the gangsters, prohibition, and racism, 1920's America always seemed like a pretty nice era. So nice, maybe you'd just want to bob your hair, slap on some pearls, and Lindy Hop on back to it. Without all the whack parts, of course.

The 1991 novel Generation X coins a neologism for this desire. Well, at least the medical version of it. It's called Vaccinated Time Travel meaning, "to fantasize about traveling backwards in time, but only with proper vaccinations."

I always took this to mean that one would desire to go, say, hang out with Marie Antoinette but not get the plague. It never once occurred to me that yet another time traveling requirement might be some goddamn medical common sense. That is, until I saw Jazz Fever. Now I know.

Time travel with caution, kids, and have a common sense weekend!

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