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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Night Videos

There are probably many reasons why Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Picard from Star Trek: the Next Generation, is a bonafide badass. But I only care about two.

One, during ComiCon last week, he tweeted this:

Eating risotto? Good. 

Eating a fortifying risotto? Outstanding. 

Eating a fortifying risotto prepared by and supped with none other than Sir Ian McKellen? Amazing. I mean, just reading that tweet turned every cell in my body British! I even pronounced it "riz-auto" instead of "riz-oto" in my head. Cor blimey!

The other reason Sir Patrick is a badass is this video in which he discusses growing up in a household where his mother was physically abused by his father. Sir Patrick is without hatred. He is without blame. He doesn't make himself a victim. He is full of understanding and that, I've recently learned but am still having a hell of a time putting into practice, is true forgiveness. 

Watch the whole thing...and have a badass weekend!

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