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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Many years ago, I asked Dr. Ou, the amazing acupuncturist that I loved but who the wimpier of my friends called "Dr. Ouch," why Americans were getting so large.  This was in the late '90's when obesity was just starting to look like a real problem for this country. Her reply was so logical and simple that I found it easy live from everyday since.

"It's the hormones in the meat."

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If chicken or cow is given growth hormones to get bigger faster, and I eat that meat, I get big fast, too.

I took Dr. Ou's warning about growth hormones and stretched it to encompass eggs, milk, and cheese. I'm not a crazed purist. I'll eat nachos at a bar and grilled cheese from a bodega. But the European Union took it one step further.

The EU banned recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) and guess what? They're slimmer than us. I'm sure there are other factors at play here but come on! They're skinnier than us yet invented gloriously high fat delights like Devonshire cream, Parma ham, and brie? It's gotta be the hormones!

Canada, Australia, and Japan have banned rBGH's, too. So let's compare numbers according to new report from the United Nations.

Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults % - 2008
  • Japan - 4.5%
  • Western Europe - 18.5%
  • Southern Europe - 20.5%
  • Northern Europe - 22.9%
  • Eastern Europe - 23.3%
  • Canada - 24.3%
  • Australia - 25.1%
  • United States - 31.8%
By the way, at 32.8%, the heaviest country is now Mexico, which, unsurprisingly, allows growth hormones.

Do I have "research" or "science" or "facts" to back this theory up? Don't be silly. Science is for pencil necks and facts are for nerds. But I do have eyes and the closer I look at food and people, I realize the real ouch Dr. Ou was delivering was the truth.

Paul Outerbridge, Egg in Spotlight, 1943
Paul Outerbridge, Egg in Spotlight, 1943

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