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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Save Me from the Terror!

Newt Clements is making Happy Meals based on spooky movies and TV. Call them Unhappy Meals, if you must and, yeah, I must. 

The Exorcist. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Aliens. These films feature creepy creatures from unknown worlds...but I'm not as scared of other worlds as I am of the living nightmare that's within reach.

Hoarder with Bed Bugs.

Lonely Old Office Worker in Small Apartment with Mildew and Coupons.

Post Menopausal Neighbor Who Throws Keg Parties and Invites Bag Boys Over to Fuck Her.

These are the stuffs of true nightmares and it could happen to anyone of us!

The Shining. Now we're cooking with gas. Writer tries to write something clever and ends up showing his loved ones the business end of an axe. I can relate.

Oh, and life with lots of siblings but no plumbing or penicillin. Dear God, save me from the terror!

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