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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sayings 2.0

Irving Penn
Irving Penn
Language is living, breathing, alive. It changes faster than you can say groovy, phat, funky, sky, fly, hella dope, or the bees knees. I remember one boyfriend who laughed at me for calling a certain smokable "pot" while his group of friends - most of whom were sober, by the way - preferred to say "weed."

"Pot," he explained with a straight face and Berkeley logic, "is what your mom calls it."

"Well, weed," I spat back, "is what my mom calls it!"

And that's the kind of conversations you have in California.

Anywho, not just words but whole sayings need to keep up with the times. Lucky for us the good people at DoghouseDiaries made a handy cheat sheet. Keep this list close by and you'll never sound like a goof, a nerd, a dork, a fall guy, a meatball, or a square.

Sayings 2.0 by DoghouseDiaries

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