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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Though I'm convinced all my years on this planet have been awkward, I will admit there were a few that were more visibly so.

Here's a doozy: when I was in 8th grade, I wanted bangs so, so, SO bad. But with naturally curly hair, when I cut myself some bangs, I looked like I was wearing a frizz visor. To compound the situation, I liked having curly hair. I just wanted some goddamn bangs! So what did I do? Why I straightened my hair, of course. Just. In. The. Front.


Or how about in 6th grade when I put on white cotton overalls only find that I had outgrown them. But because they were my favorite - that most dangerous adjective all kids worship - I wore them to school anyway and learned what discomfort ye olde camel toe brings.

But we need not suffer in silence any longer for there's a blogger out there trying to reclaim these years for one and all. The Awkward Years Project , started by a brave soul called Merilee, features images of folks at their dorkiest and what they look like today.

"I want youth, especially those who are currently going through a rough time, to know that they are great people in the making," she writes.

Though I disagree with her methods for myself personally (STRAIGHT HAIR ONLY IN THE FRONT), the message is sweet and sincere. If you are healed enough to get involved, contact Merilee at

The Awkward Project Merilee

The Awkward Project Laura

The Awkward Project Autumn

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